Department of self-defence for the army, police, security companies and the public


On June 16, 2012 in Madrid was held a one-day Seminar on Special Defence and on Police Intervention, organised by the JJIF under the aegis of the Federation's President Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulus, Dr. Tomo Borissov (PhD) - Vice-President of JJIF and Chairman of the Department of Self Defence for the Army, Police, Security Companies and the Public, and the Human Rights and Police and Military Intervention Association's President, Mr. Jose Maria Benito Garcia. In the seminar took part also Mr. Angel Luis Gimenez Bravo - Chairman of the World Human Rights and Police and Military Intervention Commission, Mr. Eugene Domogata - Technical Director of JJIF and Mr. Joachim Thumfart - Sports Director of JJIF. The seminar agenda included demonstrations and practical training in Special Defence and Police Intervention whereon the participants were guided by international experts from the Department and the Association. This seminar marked the start of the series of trainings and seminars organised according to the new system for Special Defence and Police Intervention setting out distinct criteria about the terms for homologising the JJIF Dan degrees with the levels of International Police Intervention. The seminars were attended by representatives from Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Italy, and the Netherlands. At the end of the seminal all participants were awarded Dan Homologising Diploma and Police Intervention Trainer Level Homologising Diploma.