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On November 1, 2011 the Bulgarian Association Alpha Club To Survive started the implementation of the Project European Youth Model Toward Active Citizenship No. 2011- 2796/001-001 YT7 CAAP7. The project funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the DG Education and Culture of the EC and of its main objectives is to promote an European Psycho Physical Model for self assertion, risk avoidance and cultivation of proactive citizenship behaviour and also to popularize the role of sports as an instrument for curbing social exclusion.

Project partners are: the First Bolivian Association of Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts; the Greek Sport Fan Amateur Ju-Jitsu Federation and the Jambil Regional Centre for Study of Aikido and Ju Jitsu – Kaiten. The partners organised local awareness raising campaigns in their respective countries – Bolivia, Greece, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.

During the seminars the participants were introduced to the Ju Jitsu philosophy and its role for prevention of deviant behaviour. Attention was paid to sport as a tool for cultivation of active citizenship behaviour and Good practice examples based on the Ju-Jitsu philosophy and sport practice were collected.

The organisations from the partnership consortium have extensive experience on national level in training and cultivating young people. During the International training seminar held in Sofia in May 2012, the representatives of the partner organisations have been taught in the Psycho-physical modal and its practical applications. The participants were interested in the possibility to adapt it to the national specifics with the aim to use the Model’s potential for cultivating the youths. The Model is translated into English, Spanish, Greek, and Russian and is uploaded with the other project materials on the project web site

Within the framework of the International seminar in Sofia a Round Table was organised. In its work took part the young people delegated by the project partner organizations and official representatives Bulgarian government and public institutions and organizations as well as the President of JJIF, Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulus and the President of the BJJF, Mr. Anestis Poulikidis. In his speech the President of the JJIF expressed the universal satisfaction that organisations and NGOs related to the Ju Jitsu are implementing a youth project financed by the EC, which contributes to the cultivation of sense of social responsibility and active citizenship position among the young people.

During the International training in Sofia the participants in the project exchanged good practices based on the Ju Jitsu sport and philosophy that have shown proven positive impact on the up-breeding of the young people as active and socially responsible persons. A Web based youth network (YAC NET) was also founded with the aim to facilitate the communication and exchange of views and ideas between the young people from Europe, Asia and Latin America.