Department of self-defence for the army, police, security companies and the public


In the period November  23 -25,2012  in Athens, Greece a seminar was  held  on special self-defence and police intervention , which was organized by the Greek Ju-jitsu federation under the direction of Anestis Poulikidis- President of the Greek and Balkan Ju-jitsu federation. Also with the presence of the president of the JJIF Panagiotis Theodoropoulos. The practical seminars were held by Mr. Tomo Borissov- JJIF Vice President and Chairman of the JJIF Department on Self-Defence for the Army, Police, Security Companies and the Public. Тhe seminar was also attend  by Mr. Toni Petrov - International instructor of police intervention. In the seminar 33 of the participators were part of  the Greek Federation.They have also  successfully passed the examination for homologising оf the dans to the JJIF and  to the level of the International Police intervention.