Department of self-defence for the army, police, security companies and the public


For the second consecutive year,on 20th,21st.22nd May, on the island of Zakintos,Greece was helded a seminar for special selfdense for police officers and instructor.The organisers and the hosts of the seminar were the Greek Ju Jitsu Federation and the local representation of the International Police Assosiation,with the leading cooperation of Mr. Anestis Polikidis-president of the Greek Ju Jitsu Federation and President of the Balkan Ju Jitsu Federation.As in 2015,the seminar was leaded by prof. Tomo Borissov Phd - Chairman of the Seldefense department to the International Ju Jitsu Federation. In the seminar participated 30 policemen and instructors from hole Greece.A guest and participant was Mr.Joachim Thumpfart - sports director of the International Ju Jitsu Federation.At the final ceremony for awarding the participants in the seminar with diplomas,special greetings brought the president of the International Ju Jitsu Federation, Mr.Panaiotis Teodoropolus.