Department of self-defence for the army, police, security companies and the public


On the 5th and 6th of November in Arencano, Italy was helded national seminar for selfdefense and Ju Jitsu. The seminar was organized from the Italian Ju Jitsu Committee, leaded by doctor Igor Lanzoni, President Committee Ju Jitsu of Italy and the Vice President of Committee Ju Jitsu of Italy, the  expert in Self Defense, Silvano Rovigatti "Piero". The number of the participants were over 280, as they include different separate groups - competitors from the Italian national Ju Jitsu team, representatives from clubs and children. The presentation of the selfdefense and methodology of training was maid by prof. Tomo Borissov - Chairman of the Self-defense Committee and Education to the International Ju Jitsu Federation. He thoroughly familiarize the participants with the targets, tasks and the philosophy of the Selfdefense.