Department of self-defence for the army, police, security companies and the public


In January 2012 (from 23.01. to 29.01) a JJIF Winter Camp has been organised and successfully implemented in Bansko, Bulgaria. In the events took part the President of JJIF - Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulus, Dr. Tomo Borissov (PhD) - Vice-President of JJIF and Head of the Department of Self Defence for the Army, Police, Security Companies and the Public, Mr. Anestis Poulikidis -President of the Greek Sport-Fan Amateur Ju-Jitsu Federation, Mr. Eugene Domagata - Technical Director of JJIF, Mr. Joachim Thumfart - Sports Director of JJIF, Mr. Eusebio Sanchez - International Instructor and many other representatives of member federations from Greece, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Algeria. One of the main topics on the agenda of the Winter Camp was the presentation of the Special Police Defence organised jointly by the Department of Self Defence for the Army, Police, Security Companies and the Public at the JJIF and the Human Rights and Police and Military Intervention Association. Mr. Jose Maria Benito Garcia, President of the Association presented its structure and to the participants the structure and the Training program for Police Intervention. The Chairman of the World Human Rights and Police and Military Intervention Commission Mr. Angel Luis Gimenez Bravo presented on his turn the Commission's aims and objectives emphasising on the cooperation and the practical character of the training of security professionals. Practical training including control and guiding techniques with baton, metal baton and handcuffs was conducted by Mr. Jose Maria Benito Garcia. Additionally there were trainings in Special Defence for security officers, guards and the public instructed by Mr. Eugene Domogata (France), Mr. Toni Petrov (Bulgaria) and Mr. Eusebio Sanchez (Spain). The Commission took decision before the end of 2012 to organize under the immediate guidance of Dr. Tomo Borissov (PhD) and Mr. Jose Maria Benito Garcia the training for homologising the JJIF Dans with the relevant levels of International Police Intervention.