Department of self-defence for the army, police, security companies and the public


Ju-Jitsu is the way the most effective use of the physical, mental and spiritual qualities of the individual. Undoubtedly, having accepted the high position of Vice President of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation, I work for the development of excellent sportsmen and I help them to develop the Olympic spirit in them. However, at the same time we live in a world full of violence and escalating aggression. In this world the security of the individual, of the family and of the community, of the people involved in the filed of security is of prime significance. This reality motivated me to establish a Department of self-defence for the army, police, security companies and citizens at the Ju-Jitsu International Federation. The developed security self-defence system is directed to increasing the skills and the self-confidence on the basis of the psycho-physical preparation. The varied teaching methodology targeted at the children and the citizens provides not only practical self-defence skills, but also leads to an overall personal development. In this way, apart from the inculcation of lasting habits of practicing sports, developing skills, healthy body and spirit, the new Department of the Federation facilitates the enhancing of the security in the society. The security self-defence system is developed also to boost the professional skills of the employees in the field of the security and the army. The cases ending tragically for employees of the law enforcement bodies – police, army, departments for fight against organized crime and terrorism, security guards, are numerous. The daily life and the police statistics determine the most important characteristic of the security officers – the high level of risk. The developed system for security self-defence is focused on the reality and the objective situations for the officers at the army, police and the security sector.